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Aero WhatsApp

Aero WhatsApp has beautiful UI and themes, which were developed by Hazar BozKURT.

Aero WhatsApp has Three Packages.

Com.Wa – Replaces the Stock/Official WhatsApp

Com.Aero – Installed beside the Official WhatsApp. So that you can use it as a secondary WhatsApp Account.

Com.Aerolla – Installed beside the Official WhatsApp. So that you can use it as a tertiary WhatsApp Account.

App Details

NameAero WhatsApp
DeveloperHazar Bozkurt
Size45 MB
Updated onNovember 02, 2023


Aero WhatsApp APK is mainly intended for a better user interface by providing marvellous themes and customisation stuff. If you do like theming your WhatsApp Instant Messenger application with good-looking artwork, then you should migrate to this.

Instagram Stories Style and Facebook Messenger Home UI are the unique attractions of this application. I hope this will be the primary pick for every WAMOD enthusiast out there.

Some fans called it more compelling DELTA WhatsApp since it is based on Fouad WhatsApp. I am a bit curious to know what you call after the first usage. By the way, the download link for Aero WhatsApp APK will be given below.

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What is YOWhatsApp DELTA APK?

Aero WhatsApp is a Re-Modified edition equipped with tons of incredible features and a particular theme. These are officially designed by the developer named Hazar BozKURT for only his Aero users.

I really appreciate the efforts that he made. In my opinion, he cares what the user really wants from the mods like this. He crafted themes so that no other can provide the same at any cost. Aero WhatsApp is the best choice for a beautiful user interface and performance


It has a few more features when compared to DELTALABS apps and the official one. Start reading from them below

Message Bomber

Maybe this is one of the best fun parts that would come with this Aero WhatsApp Android application.

However, you can edit the text which you want to bomb and set the count for a bombing (In other words, choose the value to send the messages in a single tap). It’s kind of a crazy thing, though.

Home Styles

This is another fascinating part that brings the users from other mods. A unique idea, too and read the home screen styles from below.






NL Mods

Prime Versions up to 5

Prime Versions up to 5

iOS Design

Facebook Messenger

Concept design

Special design

Remaining Mods

These are the remaining features that you find in the Aero WhatsApp.

Aero Themes

The core part of the Aero WhatsApp. Without these, there won’t be much uniqueness and fan base to it. I am really thankful to the developer for these fantastic themes.

Message Sender

Send a Message to a mobile number without adding it to the phone book. You can simply enter a number and choose a call or message option. Don’t forget to add the country code before it.

Transition Effects

These effects will be applied to the home screen. You can observe it while swiping between stories, chats and calls.


Customisation stuff is the same as Fouad Mods and YoMods.


Stock, Facebook, Emoji One v3 and Android Oreo.

5 Minute Status

Set the Video up to 5 Minutes, and only people using mods can see it.


Do Not Disturb.


Some Media Mods are available, and those are enough.


Backup/Restore data while updating to a new app.

Privacy Mods

I hope everyone is aware of them.

  • Freeze Last Seen
  • Disable/Enable Forward Tag.
  • Who can call me?
  • Hide View Status and Anti Delete Status.
  • Anti Delete Messages
  • Show Blue Ticks after your reply.


Password Protect for Chat/App- Protect your Aero WhatsApp with the Pin/Pattern/Fingerprint with proper recovery questions.

How to Install Aero WhatsApp APK on an Android Device?

Don’t uninstall official WhatsApp before taking a backup. You must take a backup of your chat’s data and even make another copy if possible. (Settings >> Chats >> Chats Backup >> Backup)

Now, Download Aero WhatsApp from our site based on your package name preference.

Step 1. Uninstall the Official one if you choose com.wa. Otherwise, this step won’t be necessary.

Step 2. Tap on the Aero WhatsApp APK, which is in the download folder.

Step 3. Install it on your Android device.

wa aero install on android device

Step 4. Open it and Tap on ‘Copy WhatsApp Data’ while verifying your account.

Step 5. Restore your previous chat data.

restore messages

Final Words

The most beautiful themes are available for this WA-Aero and the best one in the aspect of performance. I hope you will find this app quite fantastic and hope this compensates for your requirements.

If you do like this, consider downloading his other app from Playstore.

Kindly share it with your friends.