Fouad iOS WhatsApp APK 9.96 Download Latest (Official)

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Fouad iOS

Fouad iOS is the best iOS-styled WhatsApp Mod with many features developed by MBMods.

MBMods have two Packages.

Com.Wa – Replaces the Stock/Official WhatsApp

Com.MBWA – Installed beside the Official WhatsApp. So that you can use it as a secondary WhatsApp Account.

Download MBThemes

These themes are specially made for Fouad iOS by the developer Stefano YG. In my case, these are the most suitable ones for this Android app.

How to apply MBThemes?

  • Unzip the theme zip file.
  • Go to the MBMods >> MBThemes >> Load
  • Select the .xml file from the Storage.
  • Restart the Fouad iOS app.

App Details

NameFouad iOS WhatsApp
Size50 MB
Based on2.26.0.20
Updated onJanuary 17, 2024


Fouad iOS is the pure iOS-styled WhatsApp Mod when you apply the iOS theme in addition to it. Also, you will find some different kinda UI Styles in the settings section. Surely, You would love these MBMods Team features.

I want all of you to know that this is also developed using Fouad WhatsApp, like our very own JTWhatsApp. But there is a lot of difference in these mods even though the source code is 90% Identical.

If you want to download Fouad iOS WhatsApp for your Android device, then you are at one of the official pages, which the JiMods Team has maintained. Here, you will get a direct download link to your desired WAMOD.

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What is Fouad iOS WhatsApp APK?

An Arab Developer, Stefano YG, Modified this Fouad iOS for users who want to use iOS Styled UI on their Android devices. The prefix of the application represents the developer name. I hope you get it.

Follow MBMods on Telegram to know the latest updates from Stefano YG. Do you want to show some love towards the developer? So, here is the PayPal link to donate some bucks.

That makes him concentrate more on this Fouad iOS and MBWhatsApp development. Anyway, get back to our business.

Dual Accounts

Fouad iOS WhatsApp can help you to use dual accounts on your Android device since the developer has also developed MBWhatsApp, which comes with a different package name. So, it is the only possible way to fool the WhatsApp team, but you can’t be able to use the same account on different devices.


We have listed the best features of MBMods.


It would take time to get the latest update.

Background Change

Change the background Colour/Gradient/Photo.


The option can able to backup whole data, including login details.

App Language

Application translated to 13 Languages {Arabic, English, Azerbaijani, Malay, Marathi, Indonesian, Russian, Turkish, German, Hindi, Brazilian, Italian, and Espanol}

5 Minute Status

Only a few people who are using YoMods, Fouad Mods, and MBMods can view this.

Conversation Screen

Change colour in most of the parts, add your picture, Tick Styles, bubble Styles and many more.


You can add Pattern/Pin/Fingerprint to the Fouad iOS with recovery questions.

You can even add custom hiding. In other words, you can hide Photos, Videos and GIFs as per your requirements.

Home Screen Customisation

You can change the colour that you want. And there are different styles available too.

Always Online

It shows that you are online even though you closed the app.

Media Mods

  • Send More than 10 images at once
  • Send up to 700 MB of video
  • Send Quality Photos


Lock Particular Conversation.

How to Install Fouad iOS APK on Android?

First, take a backup from the Official WhatsApp if you are migrating from the Official one. Google Drive Backup will not work with this application. So, only manual backup is an option.

Step 1. Download the Fouad iOS APK file from our page.

Step 2. Install the application by enabling the unknown sources if you are new to this type of installation.

Step 3. Open the app and Login in to your account.

Now everything is fine. Go to the MBMods and Customise yourself.

Final Words

It’s all about downloading and installing Fouad iOS on your Android device. I hope this app fulfils your iOS dream, at least in the usage of WhatsApp. Even MB themes are quite impressive to me. Try all of them, and don’t stick with only one.

Any doubts regarding this application?

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