TMWhatsApp APK 8.61 Download Latest (Anti-Ban)

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A uniquely designed WhatsApp Mod with the best features available.

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Version Info8.61
Size40 MB
Last updatedNovember 01, 2023


If you are in a country where WhatsApp is not available yet, then here is the Clone app, which can work in those countries and help you to connect with the world. It is TMWhatsApp APK, which is more popular for these kinds of audiences. Today, we are going to give you a download link to TMWhatsApp APK latest official version.

It is specifically made for those countries by adding an in-built VPN to unlock the restrictions on the servers. When you switch on the VPN option from the settings, it connects to the United Kingdom servers. So users can use the service without any interference.

The app is completely free and based on the latest version of fmwhatsapp by fouad mods. So, you will get updates according to this parent build. We request you enable our push notification service for fast updates from us.


What is TMWhatsApp APK?

TMWhatsApp is a modified version of the official wa and offers you more features for free. It is not available in the playstore yet, and we are the official publishers of the app. Also, all sources were taken from the Fouad Mods builds and will be updated according to them.

The developer of this WAMOD is from Uganda and made this application for his country’s people. Titus Mukisa is a young developer who understands the real needs of his people and finally created a modded version of a popular social network.

TMWhatsApp is built with anti-ban measures, and you shouldn’t worry about it. Also, we requested the developer to increase its measures up to a great level so as not to get caught by the banning system.

What is Anti-Ban?

Anti-ban is a needed measure to save user accounts from getting banned. We have added some codes to avoid the outcomes. We request you don’t use some of the features like forwarding many messages at once and uploading statuses with more than a limit.

You will be safe if you follow the above-listed rules. Well, we updated the latest official version by taking the APK file from the legit developer (Titus).

It is a different package. So, you can install TMWA for using a second WhatsApp account.


The best features are available to try for every user.

Sleep mode

In other words, It is Do Not Disturb mode: You don’t get Messages and calls when you enable this option.


TMWhatsApp uses the YoThemes library to provide awesome themes, and you can sideload themes from other sources.


There is a lot you can do with this. Change colours, Fonts, Emojis, Bubble Styles, Launcher Icons and More.

Always Online

This feature shows you are always online for your contacts.

Forward Limit

Increased forward limit. Don’t use this feature very often.

Hide Media

Hide media from the gallery hides WhatsApp Media (Photos, Videos, and GIFs)

Chat Lock

Set Password, PIN and Pattern to your favourite chats.

Change Background

Choose any photo or image for your WhatsApp Background.

Change colour

It is the same as an image, but here you can choose colour.

Increased status time limit

Set up a 30-minute video. We are not recommending this feature too.


Available in multiple languages.


Take backup and restore whenever you want.


Frequent updates. Titus managed to give updates before it expired.


There are plenty of animation styles you could set on the home page, settings and more.

WhatsApp Lock

Lock your WhatsApp with either PIN, Password, or Pattern.

How to Install TMWhatsApp APK on an Android Device?

Step 1. Take a backup from the official WhatsApp (Go to settings >> Chats >> Chat Backup). Take Google Drive backup also. This will help you if anything goes wrong, and you have a chance to get back to normal.

Step 2. Tap on the TMWhatsApp APK file which you downloaded from our servers.

Step 3. Now, Enable the unknown sources option or allow this source option to step into a further procedure.

Step 4. Once you are done, Go to the place where you found the APK file before.

Step 5. Install TMWhatsApp App right from there.

Step 6. Now, open it and allow storage permissions.

Step 7. Agree and Continue.

Step 8. Tap on the Copy WhatsApp Button.

Step 9. Type your mobile number and verify it.


Step 10. Restore your previous backup file.

That’s it.

Final Words

TMWhatsApp APK is a decent WhatsApp mod with some great features. It will be a great option for those who want to use WhatsApp in unavailable countries. We recommend this app for its updates and the dedication Titus put into this project.

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